Wallet, meet the Venmo Debit Card

A real debit card. For the real world.
Take your Venmo balance shopping.

Track, share, lickety-split

We keep track of Venmo Debit Card purchases so you don't have to. You share and split with Venmo friends.

Shop. Sit back. Cashback.

Spend and automatically earn Venmo Rewards. No gotchas. Just "cha-ching!"

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Don't-panic button included

Lost your card? Disable it in the app. Found it? Enable it... also in the app.

Get paychecks faster. Two days faster.

With Direct Deposit on Venmo, paychecks can show up in your account up to two days earlier* than your normal payday. Jackpot!

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Pick a color that screams you

Which one is you? You get to pick.

Already have your Venmo Debit Card?

Card perks


Manage your balance

Big purchase but low Venmo balance? Transfer money into your balance from a linked funding source with the Add Money feature. Or, use reloads (if offered) to cover the purchase.

How to enable reloadsHow to add money to your balance


ATM access

Need cash? Get no-cost withdrawals from MoneyPass® ATMs in the U.S.* (Other ATMs might cost you.)

Find no-cost ATMs near youLearn about Venmo Debit Card fees


Swipe-free shopping

Tired of inserting chips and swiping cards? Just tap your card and go.

About contactless payments