Earn unlimited cash backback
Apply for the Venmo Credit Card with no impact to your credit bureau score if you’re not approved.¹ Don’t keep unlimited cash back waiting.
Earn up to 3% on eligible purchases
With the Venmo Credit Card, you can shop by your own rules. Automatically earn 3% cash back on your eligible top spend category, 2% on the next, and 1% on all other eligible purchases.² All with no annual fee.³ No more tracking categories. No more monthly reward limits. No more missing out.
Score rewards on almost everything
Earn cash back on travel, dinner and drinks, grocery runs, and beyond. With 8 flexible spend categories that are always eligible for rewards, you’ll earn maximum cash back no matter how your shopping habits change.
These categories are the most popular, but you can explore the full list of eligible spend categories.
Pay friends, not a fee
Settle up without thinking twice. Use your Venmo Credit Card to pay friends in the app, and skip the 3% Venmo fee typically charged when you send money with a credit card.⁴ Plus, there’s no annual fee. And, there are no surprises.
Turn your cash back into crypto
With the Venmo Credit Card, you can auto-purchase crypto with the cash back in your Venmo account every month.⁵ Just toggle on the Purchase crypto feature in the app, and choose your favorite crypto type.
We’ll take care of the rest—without any crypto transaction fee. Learn more
Crypto is volatile, so it can rise and fall in value quickly. Like all currencies, there’s potential for gains and losses—be sure to take it at a pace you’re comfortable with.
Your favorite parts of Venmo. Plus, a ton of other perks.
Split the bill in a snap
Your card comes with a unique QR code that links to your Venmo account. Have friends scan it to pay for their share of dinner.
Manage everything in the app
Track your spending, rewards, and crypto purchases—all from your phone, all with Venmo.
Start earning cash back ASAP
Once you’re approved, you can find your virtual card number in the app, and shop online before your physical card arrives.
Tap into exclusive Visa® features
Your card comes with Visa Credit Card benefits like touch-free shopping, no-worry security,⁶ and more. Plus, Visa Signature® cardholders get extra travel and lifestyle perks.
Earn cash back with no no annual fee
Apply for the Venmo Credit Card to cash in on up to 3% cash back. There’s no impact to your credit bureau score if you’re not approved.¹
¹ Application subject to credit approval. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in the US or its territories to apply. You must have a Venmo account in good standing, that has been open for at least 30 days prior to application. An approved Venmo Credit Card application will result in a hard credit inquiry, which may impact your credit bureau score.² See Venmo Credit Card Rewards Program Terms. Use of cash back is subject to the terms of the Venmo User Agreement.³ See Terms & Rates for New Accounts.⁴ The P2P Fee Waiver is in effect from on or around 11/1/22 through 12/31/23 and may be modified or cancelled at any time. During this time, the 3% credit card transaction fee charged by Venmo (as disclosed in the Venmo User Agreement) will be waived when you use your Venmo Credit Card to send money to another person (not for goods and services) through Venmo, and these transactions will not earn Cash Rewards. Both your Venmo account and your Venmo Credit Card account must remain open, in good standing, and linked to one another.See Cash Back to Crypto Terms. When you buy or sell cryptocurrency, an exchange rate and any fees you will be charged for that transaction will be disclosed to you. The exchange rate includes a spread that Venmo earns on each purchase and sale. The transaction fee will be 0% only when using the automatic purchase feature to use Venmo Credit Card cash back rewards. Trading cryptocurrency is subject to a number of risks and may result in significant losses. Venmo does not make any recommendations regarding buying or selling cryptocurrency. Consider seeking advice from your financial and tax advisor. All custody of and trading in cryptocurrency is performed for Venmo by its licensed service provider, Paxos Trust Company, LLC. Buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies is not regulated in many states, including the State of California. Venmo is licensed to engage in virtual currency business activity by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Buying, selling and holding cryptocurrency with Venmo is not available in Hawaii and where prohibited by law. Synchrony does not provide, recommend, or take responsibility for the cryptocurrency program.⁶ Unauthorized use does not include charges by a person to whom you have given authority to use your account or card, and you will be liable for all use by such person.The Venmo Visa Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. VISA and Visa Signature are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association and used under license.The Contactless Indicator mark, consisting of four graduating arcs, is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.