Accept Venmo at your point of sale

QR codes make it easy. Venmo makes it social. Get touch-free payments in your store and shoutouts on your customers’ Venmo feeds.

All eyes on you

QR codes are more than an easy way to accept payments. With Venmo, your brand can tap into a network of over 83 million users who can choose to share their purchases on the Venmo feed.

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Safe, touch-free payments

With Venmo, transactions are safe, simple, and contactless for your customers and employees. Simply scan the QR code your customers display in the Venmo app or have customers scan your QR code with their phones — even through a transparent shield.

More ways to earn

QR codes let your customers pay with money in their Venmo account, or a linked debit or credit card. More options for your customers to spend means more opportunities for your business to earn.

Accept Venmo with a business profile

Accept Venmo with a business profile

Just like a personal profile, your Venmo business profile gives customers a quick way to find and pay you easily.