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Your relationship with money is unique and likely to change over time as your life enters new phases and your goals shift. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the way you spend, nor should there be.
Here's how to find a balance between your needs, wants, and savings that works for you.
This content reflects the real-life experiences of individuals. Participants received compensation for sharing their stories. Venmo is not making any recommendations regarding finances. Consider seeking advice from your financial advisor.

Find your balance

Find your


Your needs are exactly what they sound like: the necessities. Expenses like rent, groceries, and transportation that are essential for your everyday life.
Your wants are the icing on the cake, like trips, takeout, and concert tickets.
This money might one day go toward a big purchase, like a car or a vacation, or help you make it through an emergency.









Spend smarter
You work hard for your money—when you spend, you give your money the opportunity to work hard for you. Debit and credit cards that offer cash perks can give you the opportunity to earn rewards on your purchases, whether you’re paying for something you want or something you need.
(Psst. Our Debit Card offers cashback with no monthly fee or minimum balance.* You can even keep tabs right in the Venmo app—every split, share, and purchase. Pretty neat, huh?)

Tackle financial anxiety head-on

Face your bank account

If you have trouble checking your bank account, you’re not alone—it’s one of the top symptoms of financial anxiety. As you assess your spending habits, remember to treat your past self with kindness and without judgment.

Make a list of goals

Your goals can be anything from paying down debt or saving for a big purchase to just learning to give yourself permission to spend the money you make. They’re completely up to you. Taking the time to reflect on your goals can help you build confidence in your financial future and remind yourself what it is you’re working towards.

Give yourself time

The most important ingredient to building a healthier financial future is time, so focus on making smaller, meaningful changes you can commit to—ones that align with your goals and help bring your needs, wants, and savings into greater balance.
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