Venmo Brand Guidelines

The wordmark is the primary Venmo logo. It should be used as-is, and should not be manipulated in any way.

Note: The Venmo logo should never be used inline within a block of text. When Venmo is mentioned in the context of a sentence, use plain text rather than the Venmo logo.

Monogram and app icon

The V monogram is reserved for the Venmo social identity. Don't use the shortened logo mark in place of the full logo wordmark when using outside of social media.

Light Background

PMS 2727 C


R 000

G 140

B 255

Dark Background


Clear Space

Leave ample space between the Venmo logo and any other graphic elements in the area. To keep things balanced, give equal distance to all edges of the logo and other elements.

There should be a distance equaling half the logo height beteween the logo and other elements. At minimum, give at least one quarter the logo height of distance between the logo and other elements.

Minimum Size

The Venmo logo should never be used any smaller than .5 inches or 48px wide. Follow the same clear space rules at this smaller size.


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