Our Venmo Developer and Payouts APIs have been retired, and we are no longer able to provide access to businesses who may want to start using it. To find out more about how you can use Venmo as a payment method in your checkout experience, visit

For existing businesses who were granted access to the Developer or Payouts API in the past (generally prior to 2016), you will retain access to these APIs and may use them.

Users Endpoints

For more information about the fields, see below.

Current User Information

GET /me

Email, phone and balance will return non-null if the access token has proper permissions.


  • access_profile
  • access_email (optional)
  • access_phone (optional)
  • access_balance (optional)
access_token (required)An authorized user's access token<access_token>

User Information

GET /users/:user_id

Retrieves information about a single user


  • access_profile
access_token (required)An authorized user's access token<access_token>

User's Friends

GET /users/:user_id/friends

Retrieves a user's friends


  • access_friends
access_token (required)Your own access token used for authentication to the API
beforeReturns user ids less than this id
limitLimits the number of friends returned<access_token>

Resource Information

idThe id of a user.
first_nameThe user's first name.
last_nameThe user's last name.
display_nameThe best name to display, usually the first and last name together or a business name.
usernameThe user's username.
date_joinedThe date the user joined Venmo.
profile_picture_urlA URL to the user's profile picture.
aboutThe user's bio.
emailThe user's email, if the access token has access_email scope, otherwise is null.
phoneThe user's phone number, if the access token has access_phone scope, otherwise is null.
is_friendBoolean designating whether the authorized user is friends with this user. This will be 'null' if the authorized user is looking themselves up.
friends_countThe number of friends the user has on Venmo.

Need More Help?

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