Our Venmo Developer and Payouts APIs have been retired, and we are no longer able to provide access to businesses who may want to start using it. To find out more about how you can use Venmo as a payment method in your checkout experience, visit

For existing businesses who were granted access to the Developer or Payouts API in the past (generally prior to 2016), you will retain access to these APIs and may use them.

Error Messages

Unsuccessful API requests will receive HTTP responses with standard HTTP status codes (please consult the w3 for further reference) and JSON formatted descriptions of the error in the response body.

The JSON for error responses takes the following form:

  "error": {
    "message": "A friendly message describing the error",
    "code": "A code that identifies this kind of error"

message is a brief description of what went wrong.

code is a shortcode that can be used to reliably identify errors.

Below, we have listed all valid error messages and corresponding error codes (not to be confused with HTTP status codes).

240OAuth2 Exception: ...
241Missing argument: ...
244Client not found.
245Client has not been approved yet.
246Invalid Scope.
247Invalid Client Secret.
248Invalid Auth Request Key.
249Invalid Response Type.
250Invalid Client ID.
255That Access Code doesn't belong to you.
256That Access Code has expired.
257That Access Code has already been redeemed for an access token.
259Your OAuth token has been deleted.
260Your OAuth Token is missing a scope.
261You did not pass a valid OAuth access token.
262Your OAuth Token has been revoked.
265Your OAuth token has expired.
267Your app did not pass an OAuth token.
275Could not refresh tokens.
276Grant type is invalid.
277Rate limit exceeded
283Resource not found.
1319Insufficient funds. ...
1323Sorry, that amount is invalid. Please enter an amount higher than $1.00.
1337The minimum card transaction amount with a fee is currently ...
1343You must pay/charge a valid phone number, email, or Venmo username.
1344Could not complete transaction because payor's account is frozen.
1355A transaction must have a note, e.g., "Kale salad with beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds."
1356You cannot pay yourself.
1357Take it easy, Bill Gates! That amount is too large. Please choose a smaller amount.
1360You cannot pay or charge the same person the same amount with the same note within 10 minutes. Please change the note or amount and try again.
1362Sorry, we could not complete that transaction because your phone is unverified. Please verify your phone at
1363Sorry, we could not complete that transaction at this moment because your friend's phone is unverified.
1364Could not complete this transaction because your account is frozen. Please see the following help article for instructions on how to unfreeze your account:
1365Could not complete this transaction because ... account is frozen.
1381Slow down there. This may be a duplicate transaction. Please wait a minute and try again.
13006User does not have a funding source selected

Need More Help?

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