The Team

Andrew Kortina
Kortina was on the early engineering team of He studied Philosophy and English at the University of Pennsylvania. Kortina likes building things, eating leafy green vegetables, and enjoying fresh air and sunlight.
Iqram Magdon-Ismail
Iqram loves product design, and focuses on the user experience at Venmo. He studied Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania.
Andrew Staub
Growth Engineer
A self/Venmo-taught developer, Staub continuously celebrates his journey into startup land. He has followed Venmo's move to NY with his wife Rachel & chiweeniel Eddie, but remains a passionate Philly fan. #phonewalletbaby
Matt Di Pasquale
Software Engineer
Matt was a Siemens Competition Regional Finalist at MIT and studied Computer Science at Harvard. His Facebook app "Lovers" has touched millions of people. He's a nutritarian, hockey player, and pianist.
Mike Vaughan
Chief Operating Officer
Mike has made a career (if you want to call it that) of starting and growing new businesses. He went to Wharton -- this was many years ago. His passions are his wife, their two boys, their golden retriever, playing golf (no time for this), and running marathons.
Julian Connor
Software Engineer
Julian studied Information Technology & Web Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He loves electronic music, food, soccer, and super cool projects on github. When he's not working, he's probably managing his Fantasy Premiership Team. Hit him up on twitter: @lolmuffs.
John Graham
Software Engineer
John recently graduated from Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. He is an avid runner and also enjoys ultimate, football, and any kinds of activity in his free time. Trying new foods and being in Central Park on a nice, summer day top his list of favorites.
Jesse Bentert
Software Engineer
Jesse is the Android developer at Venmo. He loves baseball, frisbee, biking, and working on really cool projects. When he's not coding, Jesse can be found swindling Iqram out of large sums of money.
Danny Cosson
Software Engineer
Danny recently graduated from Columbia with a degree in Applied Physics. When not working at Venmo or hacking on side-projects he enjoys making music, going to concerts, snowboarding, and visiting his family in Hawaii.
Eran Kimchi
Fraud & Risk Manager
Eran is interested in people, cities and virtual culture. He likes coffee, history, music, and couchsurfing. Before that he worked for PayPal, Google, and a few start up companies. He studied philosophy at Tel Aviv University.
Delano McFarlane
Data Science Engineer
Delano is a native New Yorker, Mets fan, and Yankee hater. His first computer was an Intellivision II, followed by the glorious Commodore 64 (yeah he's that old). His current obsessions include data, music, movies, classic cocktails, hot summer days, and good people.
Elan Arbitsman
Legal and Compliance
Elan is a lawyer who spent most of his career helping the world's biggest banks deal with money laundering and terrorist financing. When he's not keeping Venmo out of trouble, he loves standup comedy, buying real estate, and saving the world. Follow him on Twitter @Elan or Venmo him some money!
Adames Hodelin
Adames is a Kean University graduate with a love for political science. On the weekends you can find him dancing, dressing up, or rooting for the New York Jets. He's currently teaching himself how to code and speak spanish.
Matthew Hamilton
Software Engineer
Matthew Hamilton studied materials science at Columbia University, now works on backend and API projects. He likes brewing beer, coding the Timeflies iPhone app, recording/mastering music, and thinking about new tech ideas.
Peter Zakin
Software Engineer
Peter Zakin graduated from Princeton University with degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science. At Princeton, Peter wrote an Opinions column for the Daily Princetonian and was an active member of the entrepreneurship community. He has an irrational fear of lettuce.
Greg Einfrank
Software Engineer
Greg graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. While attending Brown, he was a member of the wrestling team and competed at the 125-pound weight class (watch out!!). During the summer you can expect to find Greg's mood curiously correlated with the Yankees win/loss record.
Anthony J Burton
Systems Engineer
Anthony has built and maintained systems for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500. Before giving in to his predilection for computing, he built things (houses, furniture, boats), cooked things, played things (mostly drums) and made things. He loves his daughter, hiking out and, always, a good book.
Azeem Ansar
Business Operations
Azeem has worked at a few startups prior to joining the growth team @ Venmo. He also studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. If you venmo him, get ready for a few COMMENTS THAT #@R#$*(@#*$(@!!!
Jennifer Xie
Director of Compliance
Jennifer has been the IT Audit/Security/Compliance field for the past 15 years. She went to University of Southern California and studied Accounting and MIS. She is married with one boy. Her passions are her family, traveling and dancing.
Bridgette Weeks
Head of Office & Facilities
Bridgette is a Philly native - just like Venmo! She graduated from the University of Richmond where she studied Art History and Business. She loves reading in Central Park on a sunny day and is an avid baker. Ask her about the time she accidentally poisoned Mike Vaughan.
Charity Kittler
Project Manager and Senior Analyst - Compliance
Charity joined Venmo as a project manager and Compliance analyst, to fulfill her dreams of becoming an acronym ninja. AML! KYC! EDD! She loves thrifting, image-making and exploring cities on foot.
Bill Blystone
Software Engineer
Bill studied computer systems engineering at Boston University, and has since worked at a number of different companies ranging from startups to a major stock exchange. When he isn't hacking, Bill enjoys nothing more than a good bahn-mi and bubble tea at an excellent cafe.
Sandra Rubinchik
Executive Assistant
Sandra is a recent grad from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied English and acquired many marketable skills such as reciting Chaucer and spelling words like "connoisseur" correctly on her first try. Her dream is to one day open a dumpling shop where wontons, ravioli, gyoza and pelmeni could all be sold in harmony under the same roof.
Ayaka Nonaka
Software Engineer
Ayaka loves writing Objective-C and drinking tea. You may or may not find her in a chicken hat. Find her @ayanonagon and say hi!
Neil Shah
Creative Director
Neil is a creative director who has worked with several of the biggest brands in the world. His hobbies include making stir fry and getting nominated for Grammy awards. He enjoys going on runs with his wife and crawling around with their baby boy.
Cody De La Vara
Software Engineer
Cody studied Computer Science at Columbia, where he spent his time as a college radio DJ and staff member on WBAR. He produces music, collects synths, and has a good time trying to make people laugh.
Kishin Manglani
Growth Engineer
Kishin recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Computer Science. He loves traveling all over the world, landscape photography, and sports. As a native New Yorker, Kishin is happy to be back home and you can usually find him walking around because he still does not have a drivers license.
Ron Shapiro
Software Engineer
Ron graduated from Columbia in 2013 and has been working on Venmo's Android app since he was an intern the summer before. He loves photography, watching his hometown Phillies, biking down the Hudson river, and playing Minesweeper. Ron is also a well-documented sleepwalker and his been known to try doing a 900 off his bed and organize his room while subconscious.
Mickey Reiss
Software Engineer
Mickey believes that great software is built for humans, not machines. He loves user experience, code maintainability and software design. Mickey bikes to work every other day and tolerates extremely long walks (but not on the beach). After an internship at Venmo NYC, Mickey currently works on Venmo Touch for iOS out of our San Francisco office.
Shira Brettman
Business Development
Shira just made the transition from the financial services industry into startup land, and could not be happier. When she's not engaged in growing our user base, Shira likes to play early 90s power ballads on the piano, make electronic music, take pictures, play with electronics, and Google how to do stuff like programming, sewing, and home improvement. She studied Music and History at Harvard.
Anthony Yim
Software Engineer
Anthony studied Computer Science at Columbia University and was a researcher at Columbia's Bioinformatics Department. Prior to joining Venmo, Anthony liked to break things and make memes at Google. Anthony dislikes physical bills, which is why he joined Venmo.
Ben Guo
Software Engineer
Ben studied neurobiology and computer science at Harvard University and now works on the Venmo iPhone app. When he is not working, he enjoys making fuzzed out synth music, eating tacos, and listening to The Smiths
Andy Enkeboll
Data Engineer
Andy is a die-hard Vanderbilt Commodores fan, where he studied Computer Engineering. Previously a high school math teacher, he is currently studying Data Science at Columbia University and is probably at a concert right now.
JT Glaze
Data Engineer
JT is a graduate of Princeton University, with degrees in Computer Science, Robotics, and Theater. At Princeton, JT was the president of the Triangle Club, where he spent most of his time trying to stop people from breaking out into song. He loves Neil Young, corgis, Seinfeld, science fiction, peanut butter, and Patsy Cline.
Chris Maddern
Software Engineer
Chris has been obsessed with making things & New York since he was a child & built a ~1:20,000 replica of Manhattan in his parents living room back in England. Since then, he's gained a degree in computer science and has built several popular apps (and some not so popular ones too). When not coding, Chris enjoys wine, good food, speaking at conferences and is currently writing a book on mobile engineering best practices.
Theresa Reagan
Project Manager
Theresa is grateful for the people and knowledge she collected at Oberlin College, Zynga, the ACLU and all the jobs she's had since she started her paper route at the age of 13. She is trained in Japanese and French haircutting techniques, classical piano and ballet. She likes languages, her family, horror movies, good food and Taco Bell.
Bibiana Lozano
Office Manager
Born in Mexico and raised in Southern California, Bibi has been loving SF for 9 years. She spends her free time cooking, biking, rock climbing, and exploring new places and restaurants. She's worked in tech for over seven years, and is inspired by the creativity and innovation that comes from brilliant minds working together.
April Stephensen
Fraud Analyst
Born and raised in LA, April moved to NYC after landing a job with NY Daily News digital. She studied Anthropology and Literature at UC San Diego and has done everything from product management to writing/editing to managing a spirituality center. She loves dogs, jewelry, boxing, basil, and arguing with you about politics.
Katie Simon
Katie went to Columbia University and graduated with a degree in computer science. Then she decided to become a comedian. She helps Venmo customers by day and writes and performs comedy by night (and weekend) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. You should go to one of her shows.
Tom Clark
Software Engineer
Tom is a seriously back end engineer who is helping Venmo take over the world. In his free time, he dabbles with math, foreign languages and he aspires to one day play the drums. Dictated but not read.
Thomas Jeon
Growth Engineer
Thomas is a self-taught developer with a passion for innovative technology. In his free time, he loves cooking, rock climbing, and solving jigsaw puzzles. However, Thomas has had to abandon his love of puzzles due to New York's limited real estate.
Eric Yu
I/T Support Specialist
Graduated from State University at Albany, Huge sports fanatic. Worked in startups and finance companies before Venmo.
Annie Corbett
Business Intelligence Analyst
Annie studied Mathematics at Fairfield University and after graduation transitioned into the research and analytics world. Her hobbies include photography, swimming, baking, and exploring the city. She is also trying to expand her food horizons, after moving to NYC one year ago she's tried Guac, Thai, and curry for the first time.
Kevin Scott
Software Engineer
Brooklyn-born, Connecticut-raised, he spent a few years living in NYC after undergrad before backpacking around the States and South America. Most recently he's coming from sunny Pittsburgh where he just finished a masters in Human Computer Interaction. He enjoys playing guitar and piano, brewing beer, speaking Spanish, couch surfing and soldering strange objects together.
Robert Cheung
Software Engineer
Robert is currently a rising Senior in Computer Science and Finance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and is taking some time off to join the Android team at Venmo. He spent his undergrad days hacking on startups, researching at a supercomputing lab, and being amazed by the transformative power of technology. In his spare time Robert likes to explore the outdoors and stay active. His favorite things are fresh veggies, cycling, and stout beer.
Lucas Chi
Software Engineer
Lucas is a native New Yorker who loves his flip flops, NPR and milk (except skim, because it is really just white water). He is an aspiring climber and burger addict. He is a huge fan of Vim, but open to taunts and suggestions from dedicated Emacs users.
Lili Jiang
Product Marketing
Lili received her degree in Operations Research from Columbia University and spent 2 years with JPMorgan before joining the growth team at Venmo. Besides making a hobby out of convincing friends, family, and strangers to get Venmo, she can most likely be found checking out cute dogs, cooking up a storm, or planning her next travel adventure.
Amanda Li
Internal Tools Engineer
Amanda has worked in a wide range of places, including government, investment banks, and startups. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Information Science. In her spare time, she loves to dragonboat (ask her what that is), cook, eat, and drink wine - preferably in that order.
Alex Wilson
Internal Tools Engineer
Alex used to work at Boeing in Seattle before discovering that programming was more fun than her job. She quit to come to New York to attend Hacker School (which was amazing!), and she is really excited to be sticking around and joining Venmo! In her free time, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and soccer, watching the Seahawks, listening to good music, and exploring all NYC has to offer.
Cherie Hamblin
Compliance Director
Cherie has over 12 years of financial services and regulatory experience, and just moved back to NY from Seattle after a stint at Amazon. She enjoys riding her bike and keeping up her language skills through travel and translation. She will answer any question about the Lower East Side that you may have!
Willy Huang
Product Designer
Willy leads product design. He can't get over how great great things are—especially great food, beer, stories, movies, and music. He studied computer science and business at the University of Pennsylvania.
Thomas Boyt
Software Engineer
Thomas is a Hacker School alumnus, like several others at Venmo. He's done lots of open source work, and is active in the JavaScript community. When he's not coding, he's usually playing video games or reading comic books (or doing other, equally geeky activities). He's also a recent transplant to NYC so he spends his weekends exploring the city.
Simon Weber
Software Engineer
Simon is a jazz sax player, oneironaut, and metalhead hailing from Hershey, PA. He graduated from the University of Rochester last spring, and never-graduated Hacker School in August.
Jeremiah Shirk
Software Engineer
Jeremiah spent the past several years building DevOps practices in IT at Kansas State University. Prior to K-State, he mostly worked in unix admin and computer security roles, including malware research and secure network design. When he is not automating the building (or breaking!) of software and systems, he likes all to do all kinds of outdoor activities, and spend time with his family.
Iffat Kabeer
Recruiting Coordinator
Iffat has experience in corporate, financial and technical recruiting and workforce development. She studied Economics at Barnard College and is currently pursuing her MA in Organization and Leadership with a focus on Adult Learning and Leadership at Columbia University. She loves collecting jewelry, pinteresting, browsing the restaurants of NYC, volunteering with mentorship organizations and reading.
Mike Linshi
Business Operations
Mike graduated with a degree in Operations Research from Columbia University. Prior to joining Venmo, he worked as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, with a focus in the financial services industry. Outside of work, he likes to wander aimlessly around the streets of New York. He is passionate about all things food-related
Claire Franczyk
Office Manager
Yet another Art History import to the office, Claire keeps things real with a passion for barbecue(-s)(-ing), travel, Chris Farley movies, and wing sauce (she is a Buffalo girl through and through). Of note- Claire has an insomnia problem: it is called reading. She also comes in a set, the other named Natalie. It is up for debate who the evil twin is.
Dasmer Singh
Software Engineer
Dasmer studied Financial Engineering and minored in Computer Science at Columbia University and learned to make awesome iOS apps at The Flatiron School. When he's not working on the Venmo iPhone app, you can probably find him at the gym playing basketball or running. Follow him @dasmersingh and say hello!
Liam Griffiths
Software Engineer
Liam voyaged from West Michigan to NYC to participate in Hacker School prior to joining Venmo. He is a self-taught programmer who likes to make things people enjoy using and write code others enjoy reading. He loves NPR podcasts, vim, morning coffee, and long camping trips.
John Barbuto
Software Engineer
John studied Computer Science at UMass Lowell before being lured in by the 90's dot-com boom, and in the meantime has developed a passion for narrowing the gap between software development and system operations. In his free time, you'll find him listening to music, watching a concert, dancing at nightclubs, learning to DJ, and many other things involving music (except making it, alas). He likes strong consensus, running code, and debunking false dichotomies.